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Church History


In 1953 a small group of 6 Baptist believers who later became some of the first members of Second Baptist Church, constituted the Christian body of our founding organization. As the Lord anointed, on January 25, 1953, a small group of Baptist believers (our founders) met at 115 S. Murray Street under the supervision of Reverend Theodore Lovelace and organized the Second Baptist Mission.

The motion was moved by Sister Maggie Davis and seconded by Mother Mattie Hodges, that they be called the Baptist Mission. The elected officers were:Sunday School Superintendent-Brother Carle Satterfield, Church Clerk, Sister Marjorie Johnson, Church Treasurer, Brother J.E. Guy. Our Founders: Deacon John H. Davis, Sister Maggie Davis, Sister Ola Jordan, Brother Carl Satterfield, Deacon J.E. Guy, and Sister Eunice Guy. Our Beginning,On May 3, 1953, the founders met again, this time at 827 Mound Street, where a motion was made to organize a church. Six days later, on Saturday, May 9, 1953, a motion was made to dissolve the Baptist Mission, and form a church with Reverend Theodore Lovelace as moderator…